racist "chinese freestyle" sequel

I'm told that Brandon DiCamillo's racist "Chinese Freestyle" rap, which I wrote about a few weeks ago, apparently has a sequel—and it's just as foul and offensive: Brans "Chinese Freestyle #2". If you couldn't tell, he's doing a crappy caricature of a Chinese food delivery man. What is the goddamn point? This website has been chronicling the campaign against this song: CKY=KKK: Against the Chinese Freestyle Racist Rap. Get this racist garbage off of YouTube, and out of our lives forever. I know you're thinking, so what? It's just some crazy doofus song on YouTube. That's true. But you put enough crazy doofus crap out there that degrades and dehumanizes Asians, it makes it that much easier for some idiot to take the next step, and say, rob and kill a Chinese food delivery guy. It's really not a huge leap. But don't take my word for it... take a look at this list over at Fallout Central.

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