shanghai restoration project winners

All right, we've got some winners. Remember the contest from a few weeks back, a chance to win a copy of Dave Liang's Shanghai Restoration Project: Special Edition CD? I was supposed to announce the winners a while ago, but things have been kind of crazy around here the last few weeks. I apologize for the delay. So here are our lucky winners:

Pauline S. of Berkeley, CA
Ramey K. of Austin, TX
Chris D. of Brighton, MA
Phong D. of Florence, AL
Shawn L. of Chicago, IL

Congratulations! They'll be receiving their shiny new CD in the mail sometime soon. The rest of you still wanting your copy of The Shanghai Restoration Project can purchase one here. And if you just can't get enough of Dave Liang's music, he recently dropped another album, a Shanghai Restoration Project EP featuring the vocals of Di Johnston. Get it on iTunes here. Now you're all set.

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