stop the new asian exclusion act

According to Asian American community leaders, a newly leaked White House immigration reform draft could be as devastating as the Chinese Exclusion Act... they're calling the document's principles "inhumane" and "un-American" because it calls taking away the right of legal immigrants to sponsor their relatives to join them and breaking up families as a result: Asian American Activists Call White House Immigration Paper 'Anti-Family'. It was drafted by key Republican Congressional representatives and circulated in Washington last week. The plan creates temporary visas for undocumented immigrants and new workers, but it also puts more limits on American citizens' ability to bring their parents, children over age 21 and siblings to the United States.

If you or any of your family members have immigrated to the United States (I've had my share of relatives come through my house), you know that family sponsorship is fairly common immigration practice. And according to the Office of Immigration Statistics, the Asian American community is the second largest group of immigrants who enter the United States through family sponsorship or by being immediate relatives of American citizens. China, Vietnam and India are among the top ten countries whose immigrants arrive through family sponsorship. Because so many Asians enter the United States through family quotas, the result of this White House proposal being made into law could be devastating to Asian families. Representatives at the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Asian American Justice Center are likening it to the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Here's the AAJC's press release: Asian American Leaders Announce Overwhelming Opposition to Anti-Family Immigration Proposal. They're organizing an action alert for everyone to tell the White House that they oppose this immigration plan: National Asian American Call-In Week. Next week, April 9-13, contact the White House by calling 1-202-456-1111. Tell the White House you oppose their unworkable and unfair immigration plan. The AAJC also has letter you can compose and send to President George W. Fill out the form here. Join your fellow concerned citizens and be heard!

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