tired of tarantino

This is a couple of weeks old, but it's worth a mention... Folks who picked up a recent issue of GQ may have seen filmmaker Quentin Tarantino participating in a bizarre photo spread (presumably to promote the release of Grindhouse) with a pair of naked Japanese models: Quentin Tarantino Gets Tied Up For GQ Photo Spread. In one shot, Tarantino is bound up on the floor by one model while the other attempts to kiss him while hanging from a nearby wall. In another, fake blood spurts out of his body and all over one of the tattooed models after he appears to have been stabbed by a sword. What any of this has to do with Grindhouse, I couldn't tell you. It's Asian exoticism at its worst, involving one of Hollywood's most notorious Asiaphiles. There are scans of the photos here (NSFW), as well as a rant on Tarantino's offenses. Personally, I think I'm just tired of him and his self-indulgence.

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