u.s. troops used comfort women too

This is shocking, yet in way, not-so-shocking... We all know about the Japanese military's sexual enslavement of women during World War II. But did you know that after its surrender—with tacit approval from the U.S. occupation authorities—Japan set up a similar "comfort women" system for American GIs? Yes, American soldiers did it too: Documents: U.S. troops used 'comfort women' after WWII. An Associated Press review of historical documents and records—some never before translated into English—shows American authorities permitted the official brothel system to operate despite internal reports that women were being coerced into prostitution. Tens of thousands of women were employed to provide cheap sex to U.S. troops until the spring of 1946, when General Douglas MacArthur shut the brothels down. Looks like the U.S. has some apologizing to do too...

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