"were you born in chinese?"

More Asian American music for you... CompilAsian is a recently released compilation (get it?) album featuring 12 Asian American artists, including Johnny Hi-Fi, Big Phony, The Ides, Koo Chung, Cynthia Lin, Blip Blip Bleep and several others. It's the first album released by a new Asian American-focused record label Born In Chinese. "Born in Chinese?" What the hell the does that mean? The phrase actually stems for a real-life encounter with ignorance, as experienced by the label's founder Eugene Song. I haven't heard the album, but I'm familiar with most of the artists on there and generally like their music. Personally, I'm not crazy about the album title, or anything that incorporates "Asian" in lieu of "-ation" (i.e. ImaginAsian) for that matter... but hey, at least he didn't call it "CompilAZN." That would've been a major red flag. Learn more about the label's story, the album, and how to purchase it here.

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