your friendly neighborhood hazardous waste facility

According to a newly released study, California has the nation's highest concentration of minorities living near hazardous waste facilities: State has most minorities near toxic facilities. The study examined census data for neighborhoods adjacent to 413 facilities nationwide that process or store hazardous chemical waste produced by refineries, metal plating shops, drycleaners and battery recyclers, among others. Though about one-third of U.S. residents are nonwhite, more than half of the people living near such facilities were Latino, African American or Asian American. Although low-income neighborhoods were much more likely to have hazardous waste facilities, some of the areas examined were quite affluent, including one in Seattle that is predominantly Asian. What's up with that? Well, the answer is obvious. Ethnic minorities like living in the vicinity of dangerous toxic substances. We just love it. That's probably the best explanation, right? Right? No? Uh...

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