andy toy for philadelphia city council

On May 15th, Philadelphia has the possibility of electing its first Asian American City Councilman, Andy Toy (D), a 3rd-generation Chinese American who has been active in the city's economic development and an advocate for the APA community, including serving as the Chairman of the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation. It could be historic! Philadelphia is a heavily Democratic city, so there is massive competition for the Democratic nominations. Thus, there's currently a big push underway to get all registered Democrats out to vote on May 15th (and hopefully on the general election in November). So you know Eric Byler made a video about it: ANDY TOY 4-Philadelphia VOTE MAY 15TH. To learn more about Andy Toy's issues and endorsements, go here. His campaign also has a MySpace page.

(To be entirely fair, David Oh is also running for a City Council At-Large position, but on the Republican ballot. Their party can nominate 5 people to appear on the general election ballot, and there are currently 5 Republicans running in the primary election, so they'll all make it. So this information won't be so relevant until the November elections.)

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