custom cleaners defense fund

An update on Roy Pearson, the jerk judge in Washington DC who is suing a dry cleaner for $65 million for losing his freaking pants... The Custom Cleaners Defense Fund website is up and running, created to assist Jin Nam and Soo Chung with the lawsuit's legal and financial burden. You can donate money to help with defense costs, as well as send a message of support to the Chungs.

As reported previously, Pearson was up for re-appointment as a judge for the Office of Administrative Hearings. However, given the ridiculous circumstances of this lawsuit, the American Tort Reform Association (as well as many concerned citizens) contacted District of Columbia officials asking them to seriously reconsider Pearson's tenure. A quick check at the Office of Administrative Hearings website reveals that Pearson's bio has been removed. Could this mean that indeed, he was not re-appointed? If so, let's hope he doesn't go after the Chungs for making him lose his job... the bastard.

UPDATE: A couple of legal blogs out there have posted this contact information:

Pearson, Roy L Jr
3012 Pineview Ct NE
Washington, DC 20018-1617
(202) 269-1191

Don't know if it's accurate, but do what you will with this information...

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