last chance to see journey from the fall in southern california

News flash from the Journey team... Attention Orange County! This Thursday, May 24th is your last opportunity to see Ham Tran's Vietnamese American epic Journey From The Fall in Southern California theaters. After that, it's
gone. So until then, you can see it right now at two locations:

Edwards Westminster 10
6721 Westminster Blvd.

Regal Garden Grove, CA
9741 Chapman Avenue

The OC has been kind to Journey From The Fall, doing impressive box office numbers despite an extremely limited release. Not bad for an ambitious little indie film. But I'm sure some of you out there still haven't check it out. Maybe you've been kind of busy with school, work, whatever. Maybe you passed up Journey to instead see Ninja Turtles or Wild Hogs or something. No matter. You've got only a few days now to see it on the big screen. For the rest of you out there, the film is playing city-by-city. It's a great movie that deserves some attention, so check it out. To learn more about the movie, go here and here.

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