learn from lo pan

We consider actor James Hong a genuine Hollywood veteran badass around here. With a career spanning over fifty years in the business, you can honestly say the guy has been in the trenches and back—for better or for worse. You could learn a thing or two from this guy. So... I'm told that he's offering a free acting seminar in Los Angeles this weekend. For the last two years, Mr. Hong and his daughter April have been teaching acting classes in Hollywood. This time, they're reaching out to the Chinatown community and surrounding areas with this free seminar on acting, to anyone and everyone who is willing. He'll be talking about how to present yourself in front of an audience, and how to get into show business. With special guest, casting director Joyce Tse. Saturday, May 26th at Castelar Elementary School Auditorium. All ages welcome. For more information, and to RSVP, go here.

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