special treatment for sf asian cops?

Saw this over in SFist... There was a big scandal a couple of years back, when members of the San Francisco Police Department participated in producing a series of racist, sexist skits for the Bayview Station's 2005 Christmas party. The videos were made public, and a whole bunch of officers were punished were punished for their role. In the latest twist, a $20 million lawsuit accuses Police Chief Heather Fong of giving special treatment to Asian officers who played prominent roles in the video: SFPD Video Scandal: No Punishment For Asian Cops. Twenty-four officers were suspended, but none of the Asian American cops were? Hmmmm... A group of officers are now suing the city and Chief Fong for racial discrimination. It does pretty fishy, doesn't it? As much as I'd like to stick up for the Asian folks, if the rest of the cops who took part in this idiotic video got in trouble, they ought to man up face the consequences just like everyone else. (Thanks, Steve)

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