stfu, kenneth eng

Eight hours after the massacre at Virginia Tech, Asian America's biggest asshead Kenneth Eng posted a video on YouTube expressing happiness and laughing at the tragedy and bloodshed. The video was flagged and quickly pulled (and eventually reposted), but those who saw it truly witnessed one messed up guy. I wrote about it here: why we hate kenneth eng. Now, according to this Village Voice article, Eng wants credit for inspiring Seung Hui Cho's shooting rampage:
Eng likes to believe that his own hate-filled writings about non-Asians motivated Cho, and as far as we can tell, he's serious. Eng also claims to "admire" Cho for the worst individual mass-murder in American history, and tells the Voice that he, at one time, planned to go on his own killing spree while he was a student at NYU, but couldn't afford a firearm.

"It's speculative but I think that there is a good chance that Cho may have read my work," says Eng. "I might have had something to do with [the VT shootings] because it's kind of conspicuous that [Cho] would shoot all these people so shortly after AsianWeek published all my articles." Cho, in his manifesto, railed against "you," making no reference to race. But Eng believes he understands why Cho felt compelled to commit the murders and applauds him for doing so. "A part of me wishes I was Cho," says Eng, who is the same age as the murderer, 23. "He is my hero."
Read the rest of his bullshit here: Sharing in the Gory. If there was anyone left still looking for proof that Eng is a complete psycho, look no further. I swear, he's just a few clicks away from Cho—and he freely admits it. I meant what I said last time: someone, please put this freak on a watch list.

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