asian american marrow donors needed

Two more people in serious need of a bone marrow transplant... Elyse Yu is the eldest of triplet sisters born February 1, 2007. That's right—just four months old. The doctors diagnosed Elyse with HLH disease, a rare blood disorder that occurs in one out of a million people. Her parents, Tim and Susan, and her two sisters, Faith and Erin, are asking for your support to find her a bone marrow match. You could help save this supercute baby's life. To learn more about her situation, progress, and what you can do to help, visit ElyseYu.com.

Vinay is an Indian American physician living in Boston. Since November, he's been undergoing intensive chemotherapy, until recently receiving the news that the chemotherapy wasn't effective, and that Vinay requires a bone marrow transplant. The truth of the matter is, there are not enough South Asians in the bone marrow registry. Since Vinay is of Indian descent, there's a greater likelihood of finding a match among a population sharing similar genetic markers. Thus, it's important that more Indians join the Bone Marrow Registry in the upcoming weeks to maximize Vinay's (and many others') chances of finding a suitable donor. To learn more about Vinay's situation, go here: Help Vinay!

Unfortunately, these two stories are not uncommon. Asians, Pacific Islanders and multi-racial individuals are desperately needed to register as potential marrow/stem cell donors. Please consider getting registered. For more information, go to the Asian American Donor Program and Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches.

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