dexter johnson receives the death penalty

In Houston, Dexter Johnson has received the death penalty for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Maria Sally Aparece during a crime spree last summer: Sentence leads to outburst in court. When the verdict was read, the courtroom apparently erupted into all sorts of chaos, with Johnson hurling a chair, and his family members yelling and fainting:
When the verdict was read, Johnson began knocking down chairs before he was tackled by about a dozen courtroom officers, who ushered him out a side door. His mother was heard yelling, "Jesus to God" and "Calm down baby" during the bedlam that followed.

"He started moving toward (his) family and I think that was his response to that. I don't think the family moved towards him. I think they were just distraught and really upset and I think they were crying and the family just got up, and everybody moved at one time," defense attorney Anthony Osso said.
Crazy. More here, with blurry video footage from the courtroom: Death Penalty Verdict Causes Courtroom Outburst. I feel sorry for Johnson's mother. I do. It's gotta be hell to see your son sentenced to death. But no matter how much anguish his family feels, it's nothing compared to the devastation Maria's family and Huy Ngo's family have had to deal with, knowing the kind of horror their children had to go through in the final hours of their lives. Aparece's family said that although they don't believe in the death penalty, they believe that Johnson's death sentence will help them reach closure. At this point, I suppose that's all they can for.

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