hate crime in koreatown?

Police are investigating a group of Korean Americans for beating up 2 white men and one white woman lst week in Los Angeles' Koreatown, in a racially charged attack. Unfortunately, the news article is in Korean, and I can't find any English-language news on this incident. However, this blog has the translation:
For the linguistically challenged, the above says that a BMW with Korean American in it approached close to the 3 victims, and the Korean Americans shouted slurs at the victims, which the victims ignored. The Korean Americans then got out of the BMW and said "Why did you come to our territory, Koreatown?", before starting to beat them up.
Why the hell does this kind of stuff continue to happen? It doesn't give too many details or context as to why this went down, but it sounds pretty stupid. It actually sounds a lot like that hate crime in Queens last summer, where two guys chased down a car assaulted a group of Chinese American guys. Racism works both ways, my friends. It's idiotic. That's racist! I am surprised though, that the mainstream press has not yet picked up on this story. If anyone finds hears anything more about this, please let me know.

UPDATE: I've been informed that the site linked above responsible for the translation is a notoriously anti-Korean site (the subsquent comments in the post should make that obvious), so bear that in mind before you get all the facts. I should've.

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