hiro's hero... is a white dude

Some casting news for you Heroes fans... but it's really weird: Six More Join NBC's Heroes! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Japanese pop star and actress Eriko Tamura will play a princess, presumably opposite Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) who time traveled to feudal Japan in the season finale. But that's not weird part. The show has apparent added David Anders to the cast to play ancient samurai warrior Takezo Kensei, Hiro's childhood hero. Fans of Alias will recognize Anders as the nefarious villain Sark. They'll also remember that David Anders is white. What the hell?

While never seen during Heroes' first season, the legend of Kensei played a key part throughout the show's plot. Hiro spent most of the season trying to get ahold of Kensei's sword, which he hoped would help him channel his power in his quest to save the world. I guess the legend of Kensei never mentioned that he was actually white. So... are we talking yellowface here? Or is it one of those Last Samurai situations? Either way, this sounds pretty stupid... Stay tuned, Heroes fans.

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