justin lin takes on fast and furious... jet skis?

Remember those BMW Films from a few years back? It was nice attempt at melding art and commerce for a pretty cool marketing campaign. Basically, they got a bunch of "hot" filmmakers from Hollywood (and beyond) to direct a series of short films starring Clive Owen, "The Hire." They were essentially just a bunch of really long commercials, but they were cool. Anyway, it seems that Sea-Doo has enlisted our man Justin Lin to do something similar... with the jet ski. I'm serious. The Shortcut is a 3:33 short film by Justin Lin showing you how awesome the Sea-Doo watercraft is, with speed and stunts and water and all that. With a surprise ending! View it here.

It's pretty ridiculous, but it's nicely done, and it's good to see Justin Lin being tapped to do stuff like this (his Fast and the Furious credit probably didn't hurt)... But jet skis? Really? I mean, the BMW Films made me want to go out and drive a BMW. As cool as some of this stuff looks, it doesn't really compel me to purchase a watercraft. That said, if I have to be subjected to commercials when I go to the movies, I would much rather see something like this in front of the feature presentation. (Thanks, run deemce.)

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