the plot against laos

Ten men—including a prominent Hmong general who commanded CIA operatives fighting communists during the Vietnam War—were charged in Sacramento federal court Monday with plotting to overthrow the government of Laos. The men, led by respected community leader Vang Pao, allegedly conspired to obtain AK-47 assault rifles, ground-to-air Stinger missiles, anti-tank weapons, mines, rockets, explosives and smoke grenades with which to oust the Laotian communist regime: Ten accused of conspiring to oust government of Laos. They are accused of violating the federal Neutrality Act by plotting on American soil to invade a foreign country with which the United States is at peace. It sounds like they were trying to put together an army... and unfortunately, this news doesn't do much to dispel the growing notion of Asian immigrants as potentially violent, with our guns and our plots. More here: Hmong-Americans stunned by Laos charges

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