the beginning of the end for pearson

An update on Roy Pearson, the $54 million pants man... According to the Washington Post, Pearson has been under review by a panel who will determine whether or not he'll continue to serve as a D.C. administrative law judge: Plaintiff in Pants Suit Awaits Decision on His Fate. The commission is apparently working on a letter that state its concerns and doubts about granting Pearson re-appointment. Basically, it begins the process of giving Pearson the boot. This blog entry explains some of the behind-the-scenes details: First, Pants Man Loses Case. Next, His Job. I like this part:
The panel had expected to complete work on the Pearson case last night, but discussions were complicated by a series of conflicting recommendations to the Commission on Selection and Tenure of ALJs by the chief ALJ, Tyrone Butler. In rapid succession this spring, Butler told the commission that "I do not oppose" Pearson's reappointment, that "I recommend reappointment," and that "I do not recommend" reappointment, according to sources who have seen the letters.

The first switcheroo came as a result of the commission notifying Butler that he had not complied with the law that requires the chief judge to submit a yes or no recommendation to the commission that decides whether judges' performance merits an extension of their time on the bench. ALJs sit on cases involving disputes between city agencies and between citizens and those agencies.

But after Butler came back with a pro-Pearson letter, Pearson sent a series of emails within the ALJ staff disparaging the chief judge, calling him "evil" and mean-spirited. That helped sway Butler to switch yet again, to a recommendation against reappointment.
Basically, Roy Pearson is an incredible fool. Like we've said from the beginning of all this, any guy who would sue a dry cleaners for $54 million over a friggin' pair of pants has no business being in any kind of position of legal authority. Fire his ass.

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