who will be the new sulu?

As Trekkies (like myself) are aware, a new Star Trek movie is currently in the works over at Paramount, an attempt by Alias and Lost creator J.J. Abrams to revive the creaky sci-fi franchise. It's been announced that the story will go back to the beginning, the younger years of iconic Trek figures like Kirk and Spock, with Heroes' Zachary Quinto already cast to play the pointy-eared Vulcan. But hey, you can't have a Trek movie without the rest of the gang... including our man Sulu. Here's a casting breakdown that's been going around for the rest of the original series characters:
Feature Film

[JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and
earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less

[LEONARD(BONES)MCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise.
Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue

[UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful,
heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish - as if
she grew up in a houseful of brothers.

[SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably
Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit,
capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat.

[MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship's
engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish
"A bit of a wildcat"? This should be interesting. I imagine the part will probably be pretty small. So who will be the next Sulu? Man, I would love to hang out at the auditions for this role. I can think of a good handful of talented Asian American actors who might be able to fit George Takei's shoes quite nicely. (No, not Masi Oka.)

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