asian americans featured on wedding planner show

I'm pretty sure some of you out there will be interested in this... and you know who you are. I recently heard from Ada Chan of Fresh Events Company, who tells me she and her business partner Amanda Ma were featured on the show Wedding Central: Wedding Planners on the Women's Entertainment Network. The show is about the behind-the-scenes lives and careers of wedding planners. They basically followed them around during the month of June while they coordinated and designed two weddings, which anyone who is familiar with the process knows, can be kind of maddening. Anyway, there are a lot of wedding shows out there on cable, and sometimes you'll see them feature Asian American weddings, but I'm told it's actually pretty rare to see Asian American wedding planners profiled. For those of you who are interested, the episode airs again on Wednesday night, September 5th at 10pm PST.

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