killer husband hiding out in southern california

This is a crazy case that stretches from New Zealand to Australia to Southern California... Nai Yin Xue, a 55-year-old New Zealand citizen, is suspected of killing his wife on September 13, then allegedly abandoning his 3-year-old daughter at an airport in Australia, and is now believed to be hiding out in the Los Angeles area: Search For Fugitive Accused In Wife's Death Leads To LA:
Xue became the subject of an international manhunt when the body of his wife, Anan Liu, 27, was found in his car's trunk, according to the Herald Sun newspaper. The case has been attracting a lot of interest from the New Zealand news media because Xue's wife tried to leave him, and he lured her back. During the period in which he lured her back, he discovered she had an affair with another man.
The last reported sighting of Xue was when he landed in Los Angeles on Saturday and caught a shuttle van to LA's Chinatown. More here: Pumpkin's dad sighted in US. It gets crazier. A mystery Los Angeles woman has been named as one of the keys to tracking him down: Mystery LA woman 'key to tracking Xue'.

The media has also been reporting that Xue is apparently a self-proclaimed "martial arts expert." A kung fu guy violently kills his wife then abandons his daughter, and is now hiding out in "California's vast Chinese community," shacking up with a mystery lady. Told you this story was crazy.

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