asian scientists going back home

This is an interesting article from the San Diego Union-Tribune, about the growing number of Asian scientists in the United States going back to their home countries for better opportunities: Finding greener pastures at home, Asian scientists leaving America. It used to be, for years, there was a massive wave of foreign students enrolling in U.S universities, where some of Asians best and brightest minds earned advanced degrees. Many would stay in the United States, working in high-tech industries and helping America remain a global leader in these fields.

But lately, they haven't been sticking around. Frustrated by a stagnating federal funding for research and increasing restrictions on visas, Asian scientists are increasingly returning back to their homelands, where growing economies are fueling innovating high-tech industries. While this shift will probably be good news to the "go back to where you came from" crowd, it actually has huge negative implications for the United States' lead in innovation. We didn't become awesome on our own, you know.

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