the rape of nanking: 70 years later

This week marks the 70th anniversary the massacre known as the "Rape of Nanking," when Japanese soldiers marched into the city of Nanjing and launched a brutal six-week killing campaign of rape, pillaging and executions: As victims still mourn, China marks 70 years since Rape of Nanking

Today, there are few survivors still alive to recount what happened. In China, the massacre is being commemorated with the reopening of the Memorial Hall to the Victims after a $33 million face-lift. This comes amidst renewed global interest in the Nanjing Massacre, a great deal of new scrutiny over Japan's wartime atrocities—which the nation's government is still reluctant to acknowledge. But according to the story, there are currently 10 known movies and documentaries on the massacre—produced in Germany, the United States, Japan and China—being filmed, in post-production or already in theaters. Hopefully, this movement will continue to spur interest in the massacre, and encourage people to pursue the truth about what really happened at Nanjing.

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