the top 10 pr blunders of 2007

San Francisco-based public relations firm Fineman PR has compiled its annual list of the Top 10 PR Blunders of 2007: FEMA Flop Tops 13th Annual PR Blunders List for 2007. I'm not sure what counts as a "PR blunder," except that it involves people doing really stupid things. Topping the list is FEMA's phony press conference in response to Southern Californai wildfires. But also worth noting... our favorite asshead, the self-proclaimed "Asian Supremacist" Kenneth Eng, came in at number 3 on the list, for his ridiculous "Why I Hate Blacks" rant, published in AsianWeek back in February. He was eventually fired, though only after public outcry hounded AsianWeek. And the paper lives on. View the full list of PR blunders here.

I should mention that Rosie O'Donnell also makes the list, but not for the infamous "ching chong" debacle on The View that made us so angry. If you recall, that actually occurred in late 2006. Though I doubt the rest of America cared enough for it to make this list. No, she's mentioned here for messing up some post-View deal she had going with MSNBC, by announcing it too early. Like I care.

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