the good asian drivers tour

I recently heard from Boston-based folk/rock singer-songwriter/filmmaker Melissa Li, who informs me that she's teaming up with transgendered slam poet Kit Yan to embark on 12-week cross-country road tour they've lovingly named The Good Asian Drivers Tour. The name alone gets me on board.

Things kick off in February with a bunch of gigs on college campuses and other venues around the New England area. Then they'll be hitting the road, spanning 30 states with performances in more than 20 major U.S. cities. Says Melissa, "Wherever we won't get booed, essentially." Their adventures and exploits will be documented on video and uploaded regularly in episode format on their website.

According to their press release, the mission of the Tour is to "increase exposure for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and queer Asian-Americans throughout the country. The tour will have tremendous social impact on these under-represented groups, especially in areas where their voices are not often heard. The tour strives to inspire young artists and provoke dialogue on gay rights, transgendered issues, feminism, and the marginalization of minorities."

So... coming soon to a college/venue in your town, a pair of Good Asian Drivers with songs, poetry, and something to say. To learn more about the Good Asian Drivers Tour, go here. Also check out their MySpace (and listen to some audio samples) here. The kick off party will be held at Dyke Night at Toast in Somerville on February 22.

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