karyn kusama directing jennifer's body

It's being reported that Karyn Kusama, director of the 2000 indie hit Girlfight, has a job lined up as the director of Jennifer's Body, "a darkly comedic tale of a popular teenage girl who suddenly transforms into a cannibalistic killer." Shooting begins in early March: DIABLO CODY'S BODY GETS DIRECTION

The project is screenwriter Diablo Cody's follow-up to the surprise hit Juno (which is, by and large, awesome). This doesn't sound like a movie that'll have quite the same crossover appeal as Juno, but since Cody is red-hot right now (and a shoe-in for an Oscar nom/win), people will be eager to see what's next... so it's a pretty high-profile project for Kusama.

Megan Fox, aka the hot girl from Transformers, has already been cast as the lead. Kusama also directed that craptastic live-action Aeon Flux movie a few years back. Hopefully Jennifer's Body will be more of her kind of film.

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