man throws toddler onto freeway

Crazy news out of Hawaii.... Last week, a man was arrested in connection with the death of a toddler who was tossed on to the H-1 Freeway. According to witnesses, 23-year-old Matthew Higa threw the child of a pedestrian overpass to his death, then calmly walked away and smoked a cigarette: Suspect babysat toddler thrown onto H-1.

Police took Higa, who has four outstanding misdemeanor warrants, into custody after finding him hiding in some bushes on a nearby street. He was charged with the second-degree murder of 23-month-old Cyrus Belt, who he lived in the same apartment building with: Grief drapes over Hawaii highway

There are, of course, questions of what would drive someone to such a gruesome act, and whether or not Higa has a history of violence or mental problems. Though, here's some video of Higa yelling at a news crew that leads me to believe the guy definitely has some issues.

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