norman hsu sentenced to three years

Norman Hsu, everybody's favorite scandalized political donor, was sentenced Friday to three years in prison after a judge refused to throw out his 1992 no-contest plea to fraud: Hsu Headed to Prison.

If you recall, Hsu had been wanted by the law for like, 16 years, but had been walking around out in the open as a power player at various political fundraisers—apparently unbeknownst to authorities.

Hsu's lawyers had asked the judge to dismiss his 16-year-old plea, arguing that Hsu's right to speedy justice was violated because authorities were not actively pursuing him during his years as a fugitive. Nice try, but no way, said the judge.

I hoped he really lived it up for those sixteen years, becuase he's going to be spending the next three in a jail cell, plus probably more on top of that for federal fraud charges in New York. See ya, Norman.

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