chicago ward superintendent charged with vote fraud

Asian behaving badly... voter fraud edition. This week in Chicago, Anish Eapen, a ward superintendent handpicked by the City Council's 80-year-old elder statesman, Ald. Bernard Stone, was arrested and charged with improperly steering primarily Indian and Pakistani voters toward absentee ballots for Stone: Ward superintendent charged with vote fraud.

Eapen faces two counts of official misconduct, three counts of absentee ballot fraud and one count of mutilation of election materials. A source familiar with the investigation said Eapen "would target different people—primarily Indian and Pakistani voters—and suggest that they take absentee ballots. They would give them reasons why they should be taking absentee ballots—not necessarily valid reasons. They would be present when they filled out the application for the absentee ballot and, in some instances, they would bring the absentee ballot back to the people to vote." Caught, sucka!

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