8th annual slant: bold asian american images

Okay, Houston friends. This weekend, Aurora Picture Show presents the 8th annual Slant: Bold Asian American Images, an eclectic showcase of the best in emerging Asian American cinema. Slant combats tired stereotypes of Asian Americans with quirky comedies, compelling visions, and fresh perspectives on the Asian American experience. Suck it, Long Duk Dong.

Different film programs screen on Friday, May 30 and Sunday, June 1 at Aurora Pictures Show. Friday's program of experimental and narrative films weaves together the humorous and the poetic. Sunday's documentary program tells stories of people holding on even when outside forces try to tear them apart.

On Saturday evening, May 31, Slant presents Getting to Nobu: Show and Tell with Nobu Adilman. Canadian filmmaker Nobu Adilman will present a special show-and-tell screening with excerpts from his TV shows "Food Jammers" and "Invention Nation," as well as a presentation of his short films, among some other surprises.

For a full program listing of all Slant's films and events, as well as ticket information, visit the Aurora Picture Show website here. Also check out the Slant Facebook page here. And definitely be sure to check out the recently released Best of Slant DVD.

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