national presidential town hall this saturday

As I recently mentioned, the very first AAPI National Presidential Town Hall, presented by APIA Vote, is happening this weekend, May 17 at the University of California at Irvine. It's going to be a historic event, with over 2000 community leaders, elected officials, voters and students representing our diverse community from across the country expected to participate.

They've extended invitations to the three presidential candidates. It's not going to be a debate, but this could be a really interesting opportunity for the candidates to address the APA community, and hear our issues and answer our concerns directly.

I've heard a pretty reliable rumor that the Clinton campaign has confirmed their participation for the event, but the organizers have yet to hear from the Obama and McCain campaigns. Dude, they better be there. Barack, where you at? And McCain, if you are indeed interested in courting the Asian vote, it might be a good idea to show up... this is Orange County, after all.

When is the Town Hall going to get confirmations from the two remaining candidates? Maybe they need a little push. If you or someone you know has been working on the various campaigns supporting Obama and McCain, it might be a good idea to make some calls and write a few emails urging them to participate.

A little grassroots pressure never hurt anyone. This is an important, historic event, and if the APA vote is indeed as important as everyone seems to be indicating, it would be a mistake for these candidates not to participate.

People will be traveling and flying in from all over to attend the Town Hall. It's going to be big. However, if you can't make to Irvine this Saturday, you can watch a live stream from the event on your computer: Electronic Presidential Town Hall. For more information on the National Presidential Town Hall, go here.

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