who will die on lost tonight?

Lost fans, this is it. The highly-anticipated season four finale is tonight, and I'm nervous as hell. This has been a fantastic season, full of crazy, mind-bending twists and turns. There is no other show like this in on television. True to form, tonight's two-hour finale promises to be a hell of a ride, with rumors swirling that there will be multiple character deaths before the credits roll. I've heard as many as three original cast members will meet their demise, and you all know I'm terrified over who it might be...

Could Jin die tonight? We now know that he does not make it off the island with the Oceanic Six. In the flash-forward future, Sun appears to believe that he is dead. And there's no doubt that he would die to ensure the safety of Sun. He seems like a strong candidate, and I don't like it. Daniel Dae Kim has been one of my favorite actors on television for the last four years. I'd be bummed to see him get the boot from Lost.

Other strong candidates for possible deadness include Claire, Sawyer, and Michael (very likely). I guess we'll have to see. And we sure as hell better find out who's in that frickin' coffin. Stay tuned, Lost fans.

Speaking of Daniel Dae Kim, did anyone catch him on the A&E miniseries The Andromeda Strain that aired earlier this week? It's an adaptation of Michael Crichton's old novel about a lethal extraterrestrial biological microorganism that threatens to kill humanity. If you missed it, I'm sure they'll run repeats. They're also releasing it on DVD next week. It's not bad, kind of creepy.

DDK plays Dr. Tsi Chou, one of the members of an elite group of scientist dispatched to investigate and stop the virus before it can spread. It's revealed that he's a microbiologist who once served as "the premiere biological weapons designer for the Chinese government," but has since seen the light and is now a U.S.-based bio-terrorism consultant.

Funny, after watching Daniel predominantly act in Korean for the past few years, finally seeing him in a part where he speaks perfect English. Oddly enough, they have him playing an expatriate Chinese scientist. I actually only saw the first half, so I have no idea what happened to Dr. Chou. But it definitely seemed like one of those stories where the get characters get killed off, one by one... and he didn't seem like the guy who would make it to the end.

Oh man, it just occurred to me—could Daniel Dae Kim die on TV twice in one week?

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