hot 97 fires miss jones

Oh, how this news brings a little bit of joy to my day... New York radio station Hot 97 recently fired morning talk show host Tarsha Jones, aka "Miss Jones" and replaced her with another host: Hot 97 Fires Miss Jones. She should've been fired a long time ago.

If you recall, Miss Jones and her crew were embroiled in that "Tsunami Song" debacle a from a few years back, when they recorded and aired an awful parody tune mocking the victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami disaster. People got mad, there were protests, the show was suspended for a few days. A producer or two got fired. And that was it. Miss Jones has been doing her thing as usual since then. But hey, that's morning radio. You can piss on the memory of more than 200,000 dead people and no one gives a damn.

I guess I'm happy to hear that she's getting canned, though it's for entirely different reasons. (The article doesn't indicate why the station fired her.) Good riddance. Unfortunately, Miss Jones will now be exclusively heard on the airwaves in Philadelphia. Sorry, Philly. (Thanks, Jason.)

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