more on lpga's english-only rule

Some follow-up on the LPGA's plans to require all of its member golfers to learn and speak English, or else face suspension, beginning in 2009. This editorial in the New York Times argues that the rule will redefine women's professional golf and re-authorize discrimination in a sport that is still struggling to do away with it: A Bad Idea From the L.P.G.A..

Just wonder what American sports would look like if all the major sports associations—say, the NBA or Major League Baseball—required athletes to prove that they are English-proficient. Yes, they would suck.

This kickass Yahoo! Sports editorial doesn't call the English-only rule a bad idea... it's the Dumbest Rule Ever. Indeed. Consider this: There are apparently 121 players from 26 nations currently playing on the tour. But, reportedly, the rule was specifically explained to one particular group of players—South Koreans, who represent 45 of the foreign-born players. Eh?

Calling the policy national origin discrimination, the Asian American Justice Center is urging LPGA sponsors to withdraw support of the Tour until the English proficiency policy is retracted: LPGA English Policy Is Discriminatory; AAJC Urges Sponsors To Withdraw Support. More here: LPGA could be bringing on a discrimination lawsuit. No, this is not the end of this.

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