ther other best swimmer at the olympics

Another Olympian to be proud of: U.S. swimmer Natalie Coughlin. No, she's not the female Michael Phelps, but she is arguably the best woman swimmer at the Beijing Olympics: Coughlin takes bronze for 5th medal.

Yesterday, she earned her fifth medal, a bronze-winning performance in the 100-meter freestyle. She's also collected bronze medals in the 200-Meter Freestyle Relay and 200-Meter Individual Medley, a silver in the 100-Meter Freestyle Relay, and a gold in the 100-Meter Backstroke. Kickass.

And in case you're wondering about her background, Coughlin's mother Zennie is from the Philippines. Here's a story on Natalie from the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Natalie Coughlin: The 'gold' that got away. And here's an interview with her in the Asian Journal: Natalie Coughlin: Like Fish to Olympic Waters.

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