madtv gets canceled

Alas, we get the news that after fourteen seasons, Fox's sketch comedy show MADtv is getting canceled. And the end of this season, it's done: 'MADtv' Canceled. This might not come as much of a surprise to some. More than a few folks will probably be surprised to learn that the show was still running.

The show never got much respect. At best, it was always a third-rate cousin to Saturday Night Live—even during SNL's weakest seasons. But it had one thing going for it: a dude named Bobby Lee.

Love him or hate him, Bobby's been holding it down as one of the few Asian American men on television for a long time. Always somewhat a divisive figure, after joining the cast in season 7, he quickly became one of MADtv's breakout stars. You've got to give him credit for that.

So long, MADtv. You gave us some really awful comedy over the years, and sometimes, a few gems. Where else could we see Bobby Lee starring in spoofs of 24, Heroes, Gwen Stefani... and weirdest of all, John McCain?

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