man arrested in former roommate's murder

Last week in Los Angeles, police detectives announced the arrest of a suspect, 24-yea-old Steven Hyun Kwon, in the shooting death of Min Woo Cho, whose body was found near a freeway offramp in July. He had been reported missing on June 12.

A former roommate of the victim, Kwon had apparently been with Cho at a Koreatown bar the night before his disappearance. Last month, he was located at a casino, taken in for questioning and later booked on suspicion of murder that day: Former roommate held in killing of man found near freeway ramp.

According to police, the motive for the shooting may have been financial. Kwon apparently had gambling debts. Surprise, surprise. It seems like we've recently heard about a lot of violent crimes committed by Asians that are somehow connected to gambling problems. I don't think this is a coincidence...

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