racist yellow fever t-shirts

Another bad t-shirt alert, and this one's pretty awful... This time, it's New York-based Yellow Fever. I know, the ridiculous name alone is cringe-inducing. But it gets waaaay worse. It's like somebody decided, hey, I'll create a designer t-shirt line that will offend as many Asians as possible! But when I wear it, I will just be too cool to care.

Never mind the random exotic splash of Asian writing here and there, the tired use of our favorite lazy-ass chop suey font, or just the general use of stereotypical Asian imagery (dragons, samurai swords, etc). There are tons of shirt companies out there that do that. But take look at the racist, sexist graphics on shirts like this one, this one and this one. That's racist!

This line has actually been around for a while, and comes to us courtesy of "designer" Jamison Ernest. He also has a band with the same name. From what I can tell, he's apparently one of those New York hipster hacks who does a little bit of everything. Perhaps the worst part is, these shirts all cost about $100 or more. A hundred bucks for a freaking t-shirt? Now that's offensive. (Thanks, Cynthia.)

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