ryan & sean's not so excellent adventure

Though I post a lot of videos around here, I actually don't spend a lot of time regularly watching YouTube stuff—even the videos I subscribe. Thus, I only recently heard about Ryan and Sean, whose comedic sketches apparently have quite a following of online fans.

What started as an after school distraction (isn't that how most of these things start?) has somehow become one of those YouTube phenomena attracting more than 150 million views... and the attention of a Hollywood producer: Hilo boys' Web videos catch Hollywood's eye.

The story goes, a 10-year-old fan in California showed the YouTube duo's videos to his movie producer father, who was amused by their antics and decided to make a feature film with them. The result: Ryan & Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure.

Just based on the trailer, I'm pretty sure this is not my kind of movie. But it's pretty awesome evidence of the kind of presence and power that Asian Americans seem to have amassed on YouTube.

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