asianweek is shutting down

Whoa. Just got word that this Friday will be AsianWeek's last issue. Yes, AsianWeek -- the self-described "Voice of Asian America" -- the oldest and largest English language newspaper serving the Asian/Pacific Islander American community is ceasing regular newspaper publication immediately. Here's a note from the publishers:
December 30, 2008

To Our Readers:

AsianWeek has played a long and significant role in helping develop Asian Pacific America, from publishing the first 1980 U.S. Census data on Asian and Pacific Islanders Americans, to co-publishing the most comprehensive textbook analyzing 2000 Census data with UCLA.

AsianWeek has also changed itself to keep up with the rapidly evolving Asian American community. This includes the re-launching of AsianWeek.com as the largest Asian American news site, using the newest delivery tools for electronic media. We also have worked to bring together the increasingly diverse segments of the Asian Pacific American community, organizing events like the Asian Heritage Street Celebration and community-wide campaigns like the San Francisco Hep B Free initiative. Our news focus has shifted in turn, to reflect the growing focus of Asian Pacific Americans on their own career, professional and business development. We are also producing more special newspaper sections around issues as diverse as heritage, health issues and car reviews.

The economy and the news business have experienced their own changes. There are fewer major newspapers, fewer newspaper readers and fewer newspaper advertisers than ever before. A faltering economy has accelerated the decline. Meanwhile, Asian Pacific Americans have led the way in the digital revolution migrating away from print media and into receiving their news and information electronically.

To reflect these changing times, AsianWeek will cease regular newspaper publication immediately. We will continue to publish on-line and in special newspaper editions. Electronic versions of AsianWeek articles will be available free via email. We will also be more active than ever in the community, helping Asian Pacific America to grow, evolve and reach its full potential. We appreciate the support the community has given us over the last three decades and look forward to giving back to the community for many decades to come.

James Fang,

Ted Fang,
Editor and Publisher
Another print publication bites the dust. They'll apparently continue to publish online and in special newspaper editions. To be honest, I had pretty much stopped reading AsianWeek some time ago, even as it attempted to increase its online presence. Something about it just seemed to get less relevant to my experience. And last year's whole Kenneth Eng debacle was pretty much the last straw. A publication that would let something like that happen was on the fast track to losing all credibility. So there you go. The end of an era.

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