blaming the booze

I'm pretty astounded by just how stupid this lawsuit is... A couple from Japan is suing United Airlines for "negligently" overserving alcohol during a flight from Osaka to San Francisco, saying the airline's booze fueled the domestic violence involving the two shortly after their plane landed: Couple accuse United Airlines of overserving husband, causing him to beat wife.

Yeah, you read the headline correctly. The lawsuit, filed earlier this month, claims that alcohol—Burgundy wine, specifically—served by United crew during the December 2006 flight got Yoichi Shimamoto so inebriated "that he could not manage himself."

Shimamoto was arrested, accused of disorderly conduct and battery after he struck his wife, Ayisha, six times, injuring her face and upper lip as they were heading through U.S. Customs in San Francisco.

Although Shimamoto was charged and sentenced to 18 months probation, the couple contend that United ultimately was responsible for his violent outburst. Right. Blame the booze. Blame the crew. Blame everybody but yourself for beating your wife. Ridiculous.

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