coming to a bar near you: the bud light immigrants

Oh boy. During last year's Super Bowl, you probably saw the Bud Light commercial starring Carlos Mencia, where he taught a classroom of recent immigrants how to the speak-a-the-English: Class Mencia. Obnoxious. At this year's Super Bowl, you may have seen more have the same: Bud Light Language of Love Commercial. Yeahhh. Elicits groans.

Last week, someone forwarded me a press release promising that we'll be seeing more of these guys. Abdul Goznobi, Willie Amakye, Anjul Nigam, Daniel Cho, Hank Harris are The Bud Light Immigrants. It's says they'll be "coming to a bar near you!" I have no idea what that means. There's booking info and everything. Does that mean they'll be making actual appearances?

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