family killed in military jet crash

This absolutely is heart-wrenching. By now, you've probably heard about the Marine fighter jet that crashed in a neighborhood near San Diego, killing four members of the Yoon family in their home. Two children, their mother, and their grandmother died when a disabled F/A-18D Hornet crashed into their house in a fiery explosion. At first, the authorities could only locate three of the bodies: 3 killed as fighter jet crashes in San Diego.

The victims were identified as 2-month-old Rachel Yoon, her mother Young Yoon, and her grandmother Suk Im Kim, who had been visiting from Korea.

The second child, 15-month-old Grace Yoon, remained missing and was presumed dead when the search was called off due to darkness on Monday night. The search resumed this morning: Search resumes for girl missing from home hit by fighter jet. She was found this afternoon among the remains of the house: Fourth body found in home at site of military jet crash.

The father and husband, Dong Yun Yoon, was working at the family's wholesale company when a neighbor called him with the devastating news. In an instant, his entire family was gone in a freak accident. It's almost unbelievable, and I can't imagine what he must be going through.

The pilot of the fighter jet apparently ejected to safety just before the aircraft slammed into the ground. Two houses were destroyed, and three others were damaged. What went wrong? The military has set up a website to answer questions from University city residents about health issues or property damage related to the crash.

It would be understandable if Mr. Yoon was angry at the Marine Corps or the pilot himself, but at a press conference today, he expressed an astonishing amount of grace: Man who lost family when jet hit house: I don't blame pilot. He asked others to pray on the pilot's behalf. There's video here. It's pretty tough to watch. My heart goes out to him during this terrible time.

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