healthy choice's lonely fortune writer

You've got to be kidding me. Check out this idiotic interactive ad campaign for Healthy Choice's "Asian Inspired" dishes: Lonely Fortune Writer. The joke is, the guy who writes the fortunes is bored and lonely because of an apparent downturn in fortune cookie sales. No one seems to be ordering Asian takeout anymore. Why? Because this Healthy Choice crap is so good. Get it?

If you go to the site, the bored, accented Chinese guy behind the desk will write a fortune just for you (or a friend). It's incredibly annoying. And the fortunes, of course, are predictably inane and obnoxious. I'm reminded of the equally stupid Hot Pockets Dojo campaign from last year.

Why must all Asian-inspired food have to be marketed with stupid stereotypes? If this campaign bothers you, why not contact ConAgra Foods, the company behind Healthy Choice? You can find all sorts of useful contact information on ConAgra's corporate site here. That's racist!

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