judy chu is running for congress

A very interesting political race is starting to brew in Southern California... This week, Judy Chu, chairwoman of the state Board of Equalization, announced her intention to run for the congressional seat left vacant by Hilda Solis, who was recently named as President-elect Barack Obama's secretary of labor: Solis' House seat draws interest of prominent politicians.

However, State Senator Gloria Romero also said publicly last week that she was interested in pursuing the seat. And who know who else might want to throw their hat into the race? The race to replace the seat could turn out to be a competition between veteran politicians representing the district's two largest ethnic groups: Latinos and Asians.

From what I know, I think Chu has a pretty solid chance. A politician with years of local and state experience, she has a solid reputation and some major support for the seat. It's still pretty early, and the position technically isn't even open yet. But it would definitely be very cool to see.

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