majority of cupertino's population is now asian

Some news about the Bay Area's rapidly growing Asian American populations... According to new census data released this week, Cupertino has joined Milpitas as the second city in the South Bay where a majority of residents is now Asian. Wow, Cupertino. I knew you could do it: Census shows Cupertino, Milpitas have Asian-majority populations.

While everyone is aware that Cupertino's Chinese American population is huge, its rapidly growing Indian American community has pushed its overall Asian population to 56 percent of residents—making it one of just 18 cities of 20,000 or more people in the country where Asians are more than half of all residents. All of those cities are in California or Hawaii.

As someone who is familiar with Cupertino and its surrounding communities, this is really interesting news, though not particularly surprising. I've seen many of the changes this article talks about firsthand. How many Asians live in your town? If you live in California, you can actually enter your city into this database to see the proportion of the population that is Asian. It's crazy!

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