mr. cao goes to washington

Here's an interesting opinion piece in the Washington Post by Ylan Q. Mui on the election of Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, the first Vietnamese American in Congress, and what it means for the Vietnamese community in the changing city of New Orleans: After the Storm, Mr. Cao Goes to Washington.

Meanwhile, according to his hometown paper, the Times-Picayune, Cao has apparently expressed interest in joining the Congressional Black Caucus, presumably because he represents a minority district: Rep. Cao's interest in CBC could spark clash.

I sort of understand why Cao want to join. His district is 64 percent African American and 3 percent Asian. The CBC, however, has never admitted a non-black member. Why do I get the feeling this is not such a great idea? Cao is aware that there's an Asian Pacific Islander Caucus... isn't he?

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