new dragonball trailer

We've been talking about the upcoming live-action Hollywood adaptation of Dragonball for what seems like a couple years now. Fans have been pretty upset about some of the casting in the movie—particularly white actor Justin Chatwin as Goku—as most folks were generally under the assumption that the characters they knew and loved, based on the now-classic manga and anime series, were Asian.

So, Dragonball fans, to irritate you some more... a new Japanese theatrical trailer has hit the web. The movie is now apparently titled Dragonball Evolution... and it looks awful, like a bad Sci Fi Channel movie-of-the-week, circa 1998. Seriously, the stunts and special effects make this movie look like it was produced ten years ago. James Wong, what have you done?

In the trailer, you'll see that Chatwin bloke along with real Asians Chow Yun Fat, Jamie Chung, Eriko Tamura and Randall Duk Kim. You know, for a while, I was actually curious. But after seeing this trailer, I can honestly say I have zero interest in seeing this movie. It opens in theaters on April 8, 2009.

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